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Nightmare Cup (Made to Order)

Nightmare cup. Options are 30oz or 20oz, and glow in the dark or no glow in the dark. If you have any other requests please send me a message on the custom order page instead of ordering here. This is just a quick order of a popular cup.

This specific cup is a green base, with a green pigmented glow powder. It also has a slight sparkle of silver glitter throughout.

Straw is included.
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$50.00 USD
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$50.00 USD


Please hand wash all tumblers. DO NOT PLACE THEM IN THE DISHWASHER TO BE WASHED. Please do not drop your tumbler. Please do not abuse your tumbler. Please do not soak your tumbler for extended periods of time. They are durable but can still be damaged. The epoxy used has a high UV resistance rating to prevent/prolong yellowing from the sun. The epoxy used is also high temperature resistant rated, approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so if it is left your car it will not get damaged from the heat.

Production and Shipping

PLEASE ALLOW three to four weeks for custom orders to ship. I will ship them as soon as they are complete and you will get a tracking number via email. They must cure for 72 hours after the last coat of epoxy is dried, once cured they are FDA compliant and safe to use.